Mat has over 20+ years sharpening experience and understands the fundamentals of edge geometry and its science. Specialised, high quality sharpening equipment is used, either custom built or sourced from USA.


The types of scissors sharpened include; kitchen, dressmaker, fabric, grooming and hairdressing scissors. All scissors are dismantled, sharpened on either a Twice as Sharp or Hamaguri sharpening system, and before reassemble; clicker plates, finger rests, bump stops and washers are replaced if required.


Catering for commercial kitchens or domestic cooks, all knives are sharpened to a hair splitting edge. Japanese single bevel and serrated knives are no problem as well.

Chainsaw Chains

Chainsaw sharpening is done using a Maxx machine built in Italy. All chain gauges are catered for, including steel and tungsten tip edge.

Saw Blades

Tungsten Carbide Tip (TCT) saw blades up to 400mm can be sharpened, which include Flat Top Grind (FTG), Alternate Top Bevel (ATB), Combination or Triple-Chip Grind (TCD)

Clipper Blades

Mat uses specialised techniques, custom built and imported machines for sharpening, to ensure clipper blades are the sharpest they can be. Every blade is tested before returning back to the client. Clipper varieties include; hairdressing clippers, animal grooming clippers, including 5 in 1 blades and large horse clippers

Clipper servicing

Clipper servicing includes – dismantling, cleaning, inspection, lubrication and replacement of parts if required. Mat stocks parts for most leading brand of clipper so there is minimal delay in getting you back to what you do best. Mat currently stocks parts for ANDIS, WAHL KMS-KM2-KM5-KM10, HEINIGER SAPHIR/OPAL, OSTER 3000i and OSTER GOLDEN.