Asian Fusion Straight Shears 6.5 inch


Rose gold titanium coating


Asian Fusion Scissors are super light, nimble and sharp.

Suitable for new or experienced groomer.

Every groomer should have at least one pair of Asian Fusion scissors in their grooming kit.

Made from high quality Japanese 440C stainless steel. 440C stainless steel provides a sharp, high performing edge which is durable and lasts.

Best suited to the Advanced level groomer who possesses the basic and intermediate level grooming skills. This scissor is suited to perfecting those straight outlines and setting patterns on the face. Generally these scissors are used first to set the patterns of the Asian Fusion shape before adding curved lines and blending with other scissors. Should only be used on a well prepared, clean and fluffed out coat in conjunction with a finishing comb and scissoring sprays. Should really only be used on detailing areas as they are quite small.


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